APS Paper: “Nuclear Fusion Reactions in Deuterated Metals” (Physical Review C)

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This is a paper which has been accepted for publication on December 10th by Physical Review C, a journal covering nuclear physics published by the American Physical Society.

The title is: “Nuclear fusion reactions in deuterated metals”

Authors are: Vladimir Pines, Marianna Pines, Arnon Chait, Bruce M. Steinetz, Lawrence Forsley, Robert C. Hendricks, Theresa L. Benyo, Gustave C. Fralick, Bayarbadrakh Baramsai, Philip B. Ugorowski, Michael D. Becks, Richard E. Martin, Nicholas Penney, and Carl E. Sandifer II

The abstract can be read here:


Excerpt from the abstract (only the abstract is available so far):

“Nuclear fusion reactions were examined in high-density hydrogen isotope (fuel) nuclei embedded in metal lattices, in which a small fraction of the fuel nuclei is heated by energetic photoneutrons. Such a setting supports enhanced screening of the Coulomb barrier between f”uel ions by conduction and shell electrons of the metal lattice and Compton electrons from photo-irradiation. Electron screening increases by several orders of magnitude the probability of large- versus small-angle Coulomb scattering of the reacting nuclei to enable subsequent nuclear fusion reactions via tunneling.”