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The following has been submitted by an ECW reader.

“The revolutionary PrimerField Ion Thruster and Energy Generator core technology. This technology is patent-pending, but is being shared with the world to ensure that it can never be suppressed. See more information at”

PrimerField Ion Thruster Information

Our licensing approach to this new technology.

“Although still in the early development stages, this new application of PrimerField Technology is destined to change the future. All rights to this technology have been granted to the PrimerField Foundation by the inventor David LaPoint. This technology is patent pending and our intention is to license this technology to companies with the resources to properly develop it in a way that will best benefit all mankind. Mr. LaPoint considered making this technology open source as he did with the PrimerCube, but he decided that using a controlled licensing approach would be the best for everyone. He believes that this approach will allow the companies licensing the technology to invest the substantial capital required to get this technology in mass production knowing that they will be able to recoup their initial investment. Mr. LaPoint obviously believes in open source for some things but not with this aspect of PrimerField technology. For some products there has to be huge initial investment to get the cost per unit down and the open source approach simply will not allow for this huge initial investment to be recouped.

Take the iPhone 11 Pro as an example. If Apple was not allowed to patent and protect their concepts then the iPhone 11 Pro would not be in existence for Mr. LaPoint to use to provide you with the videos that brought you here. So sometimes the capitalistic approach is the best way to get new technology to the people the fastest and at an affordable price point. An interesting fact is that Apple has 700 engineers who work just on the camera aspect of the iPhone. How would this possibly have happened in an open source approach and who would pay their salaries?

As for the licensing fees collected by the PrimerField Foundation, they will be used to help the poor and needy of this world. Our mission is to improve the health and happiness of all people and we intend to do just that. We are here to tell you that there is hope for our world and we intend to make this world a better place as fast as possible.

The PrimerField Foundation intends to protect its patent rights for the Ion Thruster for propulsion and energy generation. But those who are investigating this technology for educational purposes are allowed to use this technology free of charge. Additionally this technology may also be used for health and medical applications as long as those doing so do not develop technology from it that they then patent in order to keep others from benefiting from it. We would expect them to share this development with the world at a fair price, just as we are.

The Ion Thruster and Energy Generation

Mr. LaPoint has developed some very interesting approaches to generating energy using the core concepts in the Ion Thruster. He hopes to publish those concepts by the end of 2019 both on this website and in videos on his YouTube channel. If Mr. LaPoint is correct about these concepts it will mean the ability to produce low cost solid state energy generators for use in the home, in your automobile, in space, or small portable generators for camping etc. This of course will radically change the future and end the need for fossil fuels for energy production. The rights to this technology is being granted to the PrimerField Foundation as outlined above. Our plan is to license this technology as outlined above and use the monies collected to improve the lives of the poor of this world who cannot help themselves.”