Christmas Greetings to All!

I just would like to wish all my E-Cat World friends a very Happy Christmas and a great 2020. It’s been almost 9 years since this website started and it has been my daily pleasure to maintain the site and keep up with the comments and messages from readers. I really do appreciate the warm feelings, interesting comments and sometimes good fun from you all.

I think we all know why we are here and keep interested in this field. For me it’s too compelling of a story to stop paying attention, so here I am, here for the duration, I hope. Ultimately, like most of the readers here, I’m hoping that at some point a technology will break out that will contribute to making our world a better place to live.

Whether 2020 will be the year of the E-Cat breakout remains to be seen. I’ve been in a state of expectation for years now and have learned to temper my enthusiasm and just wait and see what happens. Personally, I think Andrea Rossi has the most advanced of all the technologies in the LENR universe, but it’s not clear to me whether he a market-ready product yet. He seem to still be R&D mode. I asked him yesterday which of the following descriptions most closely represented the current state of the E-Cat SKL:

1. Not working at all
2. Not working well
3. Satisfactory but needs improvement
4. Superior, with minor flaws
5. Flawless

His answer was: 3. So we’ll have to see what 2020 brings. Meanwhile thanks again for all the interested and supportive readers of ECW. I sure enjoy my time with you all! I hope you enjoy a happy holiday season with loved ones and good friends, and celebrate the season in meaningful ways.