US Congress Charges National Science Foundation to Evaluate LENR Research and Make Recommendations

Thanks to Curbina for the following comment:

Jed Rothwell shared this news item at LENR-forum.

“ Final FY20 Appropriations: National Science Foundation

Low-energy nuclear reactions. The House report encourages NSF to “evaluate the various theories, experiments, and scientific literature surrounding the field of LENR,” which is most associated with the pursuit of cold fusion. It also directs NSF to “provide a set of recommendations as to whether future federal investment into LENR research would be prudent, and if so, a plan for how that investment would be best utilized.”

The article states that Congress has increased the budget of the National Science Foundation by 2.5% this year, to a total of $8.3 billion. Congress does not set the NSF budget or allocate funds to certain projects, but does provide recommendations to the NSF, and so LENR is one of the areas that Congress wants the NSF to provide some funding for.