Rossi Grades E-Cat SK Industrial Heater

Andrea Rossi stated yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that the 20 kW E-Cat SK heater (it does not generate electricity directly) that he reported had started operating in an unidentified industrial facility in November 2018 was still in operation, and that it was still using the same charge (i.e. fuel) that it had originally.  Rossi stated that the charge “is lasting more than expected”.

In a follow-up question, JONP reader Gian asked about the satisfaction and performance of this E-Cat SK:

You can synthetically – with grades from 1 to 10:
1) Express your satisfaction with the services provided so far;
2) Express your perception of users satisfaction?
Can you provide a percentage of the ratio between regular operating time and the time required for stops due to assistance interventions carried out by you personally and by your team?

Rossi replied:

Andrea Rossi

1 7
2 8
3 70%
Warm Regards,


From the grades that Rossi provides here, it seems that there have been significant problems to deal with. If an industrial heater is down for 30 percent of the time, it is not ready for wide deployment.

Rossi has stated that industrial customers need to have a backup heat service available, so that there is no interruption to operations if the E-Cat goes down.

In another comment, when Rossi was asked what the percentage chance that he would make the E-Cat SKL presentation in February, his reply was “51%”