Brilliant Light Power Announce Validation of 300 kW Produced by SunCell, 5 Hour Test Successful

There is a news report on the Brilliant Light Power website that states that a validation of the SunCell has been carried out by Dr. Randy Booker, Physics Chairman, North Carolina State University, Ashville.

The website states that he validated “300 kW and 200 kW of power produced by BrLP’s proprietary hydrino plasma reaction maintained in its SunCell® using water bath and molten metal bath calorimetry, respectively.”

So far the actual validation report has not been published, but it states it will be forthcoming.

In another news bulletin, BrLP states that a five-hour steam production run with the SunCell was successfully carried out, in which steady steam at temperatures of between 350-400 C were achieved. They report that engineering issues with the SunCell are ‘largely resolved’. No detailed report of this test has been published so far, and no COP (ratio of energy in to energy out) was mention. More information is available here: