Randy Booker Validation Report of Brilliant Light Power SunCell Published: Generation of Kilowatts of Excess Heat “Real and Reproducable”

Brilliant Light Power has just posted the validation report titled ‘Report on the Power Output of Liquid Gallium Suncells at Brilliant Light Power’ by Randy Booker, Ph.D. of the Department of Physics of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, published January 11, 2020


There are detailed descriptions, images and data in the paper; here’s some data from the paper showing results from water bath calorimetry, plus the executive summary:

Executive Summary: Brilliant Light Power has discovered a novel power source, the liquid gallium SunCell®, which produces a large excess of heat. These input power and output power numbers have been validated by me and are correct. I have been given access to the data files taken during the experiments for this validation. Also, as for the gallium, there is no chemical reaction at all responsible for this excess power. Testing shows that there’s 100% gallium before and there’s 100% gallium after in the cell. All the observed energy in these cases must come from the HOH hydrino plasma reaction occurring in the reaction cell. The power gain of the hydrino reaction determined using water bath calorimetry reported herein was 4.24 times at an excess power level of 296 kW. I am led to the conclusion that the generation of the large net excess power in the liquid gallium SunCell® experiment is real and reproducible.