Industrial Partner and Rossi Make Joint Decisions About E-Cat Commercialization

Gerard McEk has asked some interesting questions about the relationship between Andrea Rossi and his claimed industrial partner with whom he says he is collaborating on the development and commercialization of the E-Cat SKL

Here are the questions and Rossi’s responses:

Gerard McEk
January 29, 2020 at 3:26 PM
Dear Andrea,
Just a question about how you have organized the introduction of the E-Cat SK and the SK Leonardo on the market:
1. You are the only one that decides what to put on the market and when, you industrial partner has no vote.
2. You and your industrial partner have equal voting in this.
3. Your industrial partner decides what and when the E-Cats are put on the market.
Thanks, kind regards, Gerard

Andrea Rossi
January 30, 2020 at 5:58 AM
Gerard McEk:
1 no
2 yes
3 The Ecat will decide all this
Warm Regards,

In response to some other questions I have asked recently about the current status of E-Cat SKL development, Rossi told me that ‘about 20 persons’ are involved in current experiments with the E-Cat. He stated these persons are not all in a single location, and all are not working full time. He says that he has all the financial and equipment resources they need, and that the progress of the team is ‘excellent’.

It would seem that Rossi’s partner is large enough to provide the expertise and financial resources to cover the needs of the E-Cat project, and in return they have some say over what goes on with the E-Cat. I think that if there really is an strong established industrial partner it should make the engineering and commercialization much easier than if Leonardo Corporation were operating alone. Of course there is no confirmation of the information provided here by Rossi, so we are in the same situation as always until a presentation takes place.