Gravity Control and The SAFIRE Project Reactor (‘Director’)

The following post has been submitted by ECW reader ‘Director’.

Let’s start off with the following screenshot from one of the SAFIRE Project’s videos:

If you look closely at the list, one of their discoveries has been…

“Gravity shielding of matter within the Double Layers.”

You may think this simply means that the ions floating between the double layers surrounding their anode are shielded. However, I think that there very well be much more going on and ALL of the material surrounded by the membrane like double layers could be insulated from gravity: including the bulk material of the anode itself! That’s right, I believe that The SAFIRE Project may have discovered a way to negate the gravitational force on macro-scale quantities of matter. But as I will go into near the end of this hopefully concise article, what they have discovered is only the tip of the iceburg and the effect can likely be tremendously magnified to allow for the construction of a viable space craft which outrageous performance characteristics.

Let’s look at the structure of the double layers around their anode which are analogous to that of Kenneth Shoulders EVOs (Exotic Vacuum Objects) and natural ball lightning. There are onion like regions of dense plasma that alternate in composition between positively charged ion filled regions and negatively charged electron shells. Although the layers with electrons as a whole are likely not two dimensional, multiple papers describing ball lightning – manmade and natural – propose that there exists an ultra-thin layer of an electron condensate. This spherical narrow zone or border within the negatively charged double layer could also be envisioned as one giant particle composed of electrons pressed closely together to the extent they lose their individuality and their wave functions overlap. Due to the probability they behave like entangled cooper pairs, this structure is also likely super conductive as predicted by BCS Superconductivity Theory. Basically, whatever self-organizing force that makes the double layers of an EVO (such as the one wrapped around The SAFIRE Project’s anode) form is responsible for creating this condensate. This is particularly fascinating because ordinarily electrons form cooper pairs and then go onto entangle into condensates in materials at very low temperatures. Being able to produce shells of such an exotic form of matter – perhaps in a fifth state beyond that of ordinary plasma – is truly remarkable and opens up all sorts of applications – including the manipulation of apparent mass, gravity, and inertia.

Due to the experiments of Eugene Podkletnov and others, we have learned that in carefully constructed systems using low temperature superconductors that gravity can be shielded. It’s proposed in papers available online that the cooper pairs in the material are responsible for this shielding, due to the fact that they have an increased ability to polarize the active vacuum, or, in simple terms, manipulate the “aether” or universal medium of space that’s responsible for gravity.

In one of Podkletnov’s experiments, the force of gravity was reduced over a spinning superconductive disc. Yet he has also reported being able to project beams of repulsive force utilizing an electrical discharge that is transmitted through a superconducting cathode towards an anode. Allegedly, this narrow column of force penetrated barriers such as brick walls and traveled kilometers of distance without significantly dispersing or weakening. At the highest powers and in some conditions, he reported the force was strong enough to punch holes through walls and bend metal bars. These strong effects required millions of volts from a specially built capacitor bank (in it’s own room for safety reasons) configured as a Marx generator.

Yet he is not alone in making claims of being able to manipulate these fundamental forces. Kenneth R. Shoulders, during the 1980’s in collaboration with Dr. Harold Puthoff, discovered that he could accelerate EVOs (Exotic Vacuum Objects) to high speeds for very little input energy. He described the effect as if an EVO was somehow negating the vast majority of it’s own mass and inertia. It’s important to note that although the geometric shape of these self organizing plasmas may vary due to a number of different factors, the basic concept of a membrane of electrons in the double layer somehow resisting their mutual electrostatic repulsion is universal. The exact mechanism that holds them together is debatable. Perhaps Dr. Puthoff’s theory of the Casimir force holding them together is correct or their entangled state nullifies their repulsion that tries to push them apart. Regardless, this condensate-like membrane seems to exist. One thing I should add is that it might require a critical threshold to form. A weak double layer might not be sufficient to create such a condensate: but the collapse of several strong double layers at high power in the SAFIRE reactor may be sufficient. This is also the condition in their system that allows for the transmutation of elements and the production of excess heat among other anomalies. But why would this special state of matter be so good at interacting with the “stuff” that composes the vacuum? I think it could be that the “electron-positron sea” of Dirac might be a type of condensate and that the shell of cooper pair-like electrons may be much more similar state to the material that composes the vacuum than normal matter or normal electrons that are not joined together. I’ll make this analogy perhaps ordinary electrons are like a tennis racket with a thin frame that zips through the air while the electron condensate in a unique form of matter is more like a solid paddle without holes in the webbing.

So how exactly would such a condensate block gravity? According to the theory of scalar electrodynamics, which considers the scalar and vector potentials to have physical reality (instead of simply being mathematical abstractions) and the prime mover of ALL electromagnetism, gravity isn’t the warping of space but a pressure effect produced by gradients in the aetheric medium. Units of this fundamental substance at the basis of physical reality are traveling in all directions and penetrate all objects in space. However, matter blocks an extremely tiny percentage of these units so that an object sitting on the surface of a massive body (such as a planet) would have slightly more radiative pressure coming down from above than up from below. This is gravity. As you sit in your chair right now, there’s more pressure coming down from space above than coming up through the Earth: this keeps you from floating upwards.

Apparently, looking at the experiments with superconductors, when the cooper pairs within them are manipulated in very precise ways – such as being made to spin either by the rotation of the disk or also with the application of an electrical current across the disk – the weight of objects above them can be reduced. Considering the repulsive beam allegedly produced by Podkletnov, this could be due to an induced flow of aether units flowing out of the super conductor upwards. What’s important to consider at this point is that it’s the cooper pairs that seem to be inducing this effect by inducing motion in the aether. And, fascinatingly, the double layers of the SAFIRE Project reactor seem to have some of the same qualities:

– They are spinning or rotating around the anode.

– They are being fed electrical current.

– They seem to likely contain one or more ultra-thin layers of a condensate of electrons that are similar to entangled cooper pairs.

– They can, if the SAFIRE Project team desired to do so, be accelerated with periodic jolts of high voltage to accelerate the spin and rotation of the cooper pair condensate.

I think it’s very possible that even without the fourth of the above points, at high power when the multiple double layers collapse to form a single sharp double layer with a huge voltage drop (according to Monty Childs this drop can be 1000 volts) the weight of the anode itself may be reduced by a certain percentage or completely. Basically, it would be due to having Podkletnov’s spinning cooper pairs forming a layer surrounding the anode and it being made immune to the difference in aetheric pressure coming down from above verses up from the Earth.

For the record, the above is conjecture. We have zero data from The SAFIRE Project that this is taking place except for a few vague comments from Montgomery Childs and the text provided in one of their presentations. However, I expect that this gravity shielding effect is occurring. I may be wrong. If I’m correct, then this is an exploitable and engineerable effect. My mental model tells me that due to the spherical shape of the double layer(s) with these unique condensates of electrons, the surrounding environment would not experience additional net gravitational forces. But other configurations could likely exert effects.

I’d like to suggest a configuration that could be used to build an actual vehicle. In fact, I believe it has already been designed and is named the Fluxliner ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle). My research tells me that it was built by Lockheed in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. By now, the private corporations that manage the unacknowledged Special Access Programs have probably built many subsequent vehicles. The basic concept is to produce a self-organizing torodial or donut shaped plasma within a reactor cylinder at the center of the craft. Instead of the electron condensate spinning around the surface of a virtual sphere, it would be traveling around the surface of the donut like a length of copper wire wound around a toroidal inductor. The magnetic field would be contained in the body of the toroid and the unique electric field (that’s enhanced by the cooper pairs to be capable of manipulating the active vacuum) or vector potential would flow out of the central hole upwards, be guided to the top point of the saucer shaped vehicle, wrap around to the bottom of the craft, and re-enter creating a bubble. If the shape of this bubble was made asymmetrical, then there would be net motion in a specific direction towards a region of lowered aetheric “pressure” and away from a region of greater aetheric pressure behind the craft. The occupants in such a craft would feel no g-forces due to acceleration, the craft itself could accelerate to any speed without worrying about g-forces destroying the structure, the bubble could protect the craft from friction in the atmosphere or space dust, and the craft would be capable of exceeding the normal speed of light (at ambient aetheric pressure) because it would be creating a zone of lower pressure ahead of itself.

What’s also advantageous is that the same self organizing plasma vortex that provided the bubble of magnetic vector potential (augmented in some unique way by the cooper pair like condensate in the plasma) would also be producing the energy to power the vehicle! Some of this energy could be from unique nuclear reactions. However, a certain percentage could be extracted from the vacuum itself. Basically, such a vehicle would have one system that would provide for inertial damping, deflector shields, propulsion, energy production, and even communication by modulating the frequency of the plasma ball. Another thing I’d like to note is that I expect such a craft would utilize a dense plasma in its core to allow for more electrons to produce a stronger double layer and perhaps a more powerful membrane of entangled cooper pairs.

To sum up, I’ve proposed that the gravity nullifying properties of the double layers around the anode in The SAFIRE Project reactor are due to the presence of a properly stimulated, spinning condensate of engangled cooper-pair like electrons. Due to an enhanced interaction or “traction” with the aether or active vacuum, its able to shield gravity and in other configurations produce “warp drive” like effects such as those that Ken Shoulders induced with his EVOs. Combined with the ability to produce massive quantities of anomalous energy, this makes these self-organizing plasma structures a true panacea capable of changing our civilization. I hope that The SAFIRE Project will tell us more about any experiments they have conducted to determine if gravity is being modified. The connections to the work of Eugene Podkletnov and others are blatantly obvious and cannot be ignored. If there is evidence that gravity or inertia are being modified, it should be presented openly to the world. Any effort by the DoD or other agencies to suppress such information should be rebuked at all cost. Such a technology must be utilized for the benefit of our species and not hidden away in unacknowledged Special Access Programs.