SAFIRE Team to Present at Electric Universe Conference in Portland, Oregon June 2020

Thanks to John O for sending me a link to the EU2020 Vision conference sponsored by the Thunderbolts Project that will be held in Portland, Oregon later this year on June 4-7.

The description of the conference from the Thunderbolts Project conference website here:

EU2020:VISION will not just challenge today’s most popular scientific assumptions, it will highlight the greatest misunderstanding of all—the claim that highly energetic events across the cosmos can be understood through the action of gravity alone.

By seeing past that misinterpretation, the pioneers of the Electric Universe are moving the space sciences into new frontiers of discovery. After more than a century of laboratory experiments with electric fields and electric discharge, our electrical theorists asked the critical question: could the Sun be the local focus of galactic electric currents, with sufficient potential to explain why the Sun shines? Recently, that question was substantially answered by the independent SAFIRE Project, confirming the electrical attributes of the Sun.

Keynote speakers will be Montgomery Childs and Michael Claridge of the SAFIRE Project who will give a presentation at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday June 4th titled, “SAFIRE Project — What Now?”

The full conference schedule can be seen here: