Rossi on ‘Risks’ of Open Source

A reader (‘Physics Fan’)on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today suggested, as others have done in the past, that Andrea Rossi share everything he knows about his E-Cat technology rather than keeping secrets. Physics Fan believed Rossi would easily win a Nobel prize if he were to do this, and asked “Are you in it for money or for the science? If you are in it for the science, your approach “sucks”, to be brutally honest”.

Rossi made this response:

Andrea Rossi
February 22, 2020 at 5:05 AM
Physics Fan:
Thank you for your opinion.
I want this technology developed by important concerns and nobody would put money without an intellectual property. Also medicines are essential for surviving any kind of illness, but without intellectual property most of medicines would not have been invented and developed and would not be invented and developed.
Your amateurish approach does not help real and necessary investments from serious professionals, if we want really to have a worldwide diffusion of this technology.
Not to mention the risks that an open source would generate and that every intelligent person can imagine.
Warm Regards,

Rossi has always stated that he does not believe serious investment in the E-Cat would take place if all its secrets were made public. But here, in addition to that argument, Rossi bring up the issue of ‘risks that an open source would generate’, which I am not sure he is referring to (of course admitting that I might not be an intelligent person!)

In other comments, Rossi stated today that the E-Cat SKL is now operating ‘very well’. Gerard McEk asked Rossi if that meant that there would be a presentation in March. He replied, “premature, but I am sure we will make a presentation, soon.”