“Proof the Sun is Condensed Matter and is Enveloped with EVOs” (MFMP Video)

Bob Greenyer of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has posted a new video on YouTube titled “Proof the SUN is condensed matter and is enveloped with EVOs”.

In the video he compares images of the John Hutchison ‘Fracture’ sample, the LION 2 ‘Force Shield’ and images recently taken of the surface of the sun by the Swedish Academy of Sciences, and he points out similarities in all the structures.

In one of the slides titled Implications, Bob gives the following conclusions:

– The sun IS NOT a ball of gas.
– As in LENR, elements heavier than Fe can be synthesized by the sun
– Therefore, no need for big bang or supernova to make heavy elements
– Experiments done by such persons as Tesla, Hutchison, Shoulders, Fleischmann/Pons, Piantelli, Matsumoto, Celani, Adamenko, Ralkar, Parkhomov and LION and many more have been replicating what the sun does, in free air in some cases for over 100 years.
– We can study how the sun really works for a few 100 dollars