E-Cat Testing and Coronavirus

Some questions have been posted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the impact of the coronavirus on Andrea Rossi’s announced third party testing and eventual public demonstration of the E-Cat SKL.

Rossi stated recently that the testing would be taking place in Europe, although he did not specify which country. Today when asked by reader Drew G. about transporting the SKL to Europe from the USA, Rossi replied, “I am in Europe already”.

Gerard McEk asked how long the third party testing would take, and Rossi replied, “I don’t even know, it will depend from many factors. The past developments about the Corona virus getting pandemic will not help.”

Steven Karels asked about whether travel restrictions would affect the demonstration. Rossi responded, “1 if the corona virus will force restrictions, the demonstration will be made on streaming. Obviously we will respect all the rules on the matter”.

Italy is in now in a mandatory lock-down situation to keep the virus from spreading rapidly, so if Rossi is in Italy, it would have a significant impact on his ability to operate smoothly. However, it’s quite possible that other countries could put in place similar restrictions, so overall the prospect of the coronavirus impacting the testing and presentation of the E-Cat SKL is quite high.