SOWHAT! – Self Organization Will Hasten Advanced Technology Transition (‘Director’)

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SOWHAT! – Self Organization Will Hasten Advanced Technology Transition

By: The Director

Humans have major issues. Monetary greed, unchecked ambition, dogmatic belief systems: these are only a few of the reasons why humanity is utilizing technologies from the 1920’s in the 2020’s. The deep corruption that runs through government agencies, corporate entities, and academic circles have hindered humanity’s progress towards a more complete mastery of physical reality. Although a significant number of inventors over the last century attempted to pierce the barriers that impede radical new technologies, they all failed. Only now, in the past few years, has the self organizing plasma phenomena that united them been fully recognized. This fundamental natural process seen in a multitude of environments and at all scales – atomic to galactic – is finally out. Like the coronavirus, its high transmissability has insured that all efforts to “put it back into the bottle” will be futile. So what if this leads to the end of the fossil fuel age; so what if this leads to a deeper understanding of physical reality, so what if this exposes ultra advanced propulsion technologies. The future of our species is vastly more important than protecting the financial portfolios of billionaires.

Entropy makes systems fall into states of disorganization. Without intense effort, a house will become messy with dirty carpets, piles of laundry, stacks of dishes, and dust covered surfaces. This is also true of the human body: although we are programmed to repair ourselves we start to malfunction as we enter middle age and totally fall apart in our senior years. This concept is also demonstrated in physics: how heat will disperse through a substance until an equilibrium with the environment is reached. Yet in certain circumstances, plasmas – volumes of ionized heavy particles and electrons – can operate in reverse to become more organized. The application of radio or microwave frequencies, sudden electrical discharges, differences in electrical potential, and other mechanisms can induce the spontaneous creation of complex structures. Some of the most relevant to those following the emergence of exotic energy technologies are what have been described as “fire balls”, “complex space charge configurations”, “exotic vacuum objects”, and even “plasma balls.”

These structures have similarities to living organisms. For example, a “fireball” has an exterior membrane with a layer of electrons on one side and positive ions on the other: what’s called an electrical double layer. This allows the structure to have a defined volume and store energy like a capacitor. Even more interestingly, they continuously absorb and emit matter and energy through these double layers – like a cell consuming nutrients and then excreting waste. Other characteristics observed are their ability to grow in size, adapt to conditions, combine, divide, and even storing information. Although they are ubiquitous in nature and exist even in our own bodies, what’s most relevant for our discussion is that they can produce a wide range of anomalies that seem to defy mainstream scientific thought: the religions dogma that academic institutions indoctrinate their students with year after year. The one this article will focus on is excess energy production in multiple forms. Electromagnetic radiation, light, heat, and direct electrical output can all be produced from these self organizing plasmas. Perhaps the exact mechanisms that allow for this generation of energy are not fully understood – but it’s generated anyway.

The setups that produce self organizing plasmas have been around for over a hundred years. They are aren’t new. One such configuration that will produce a “free floating fireball” is the low voltage DC discharge. Imagine one cathode (negatively charged) and one anode (positively charged) on either side of a sealed discharge tube. If the parameters in the reactor are suitable – such as having a low enough atmospheric pressure to be able to ignite the discharge without an extremely high voltage – the creation of such a self organizing plasma is simple. All you must do is crank up the input power until you reach what’s called the “negative differential resistance” regime in which the current and voltage relationship is flip flopped. During this regime the electrical resistance of the plasma will drop dramatically due to the formation of the double layers of the self organizing plasma. If you can restrict the current so that a true arc discharge is not established, a “fire ball” will form that will float somewhere between the two electrodes. There’s nothing complicated about this process. It will happen each and every time.

This plasma ball that formed out of the electrons and positive ions of the plasma is indeed special. It has a higher density and electron energy than the general plasma. And, if you utilize an optimal gas combination (hydrogen or deuterium plus a heavier gas like nitrogen, argon, mercury, etc) while adjusting the conditions of the reactor to maximize the self organization, excess energy will be produced. Although The SAFIRE Project, Andrea Rossi, and Brilliant Light Power are all utilizing different systems, this self organizing process is at the heart of all their technologies. The “big three” all have far more in common than most people realize.

The result of the fact that these systems are all utilizing the self organizing plasma phenomena makes them all easily reproducible. I would go so far as to say that if a team were to assemble to investigate this general phenomena with a well equipped laboratory, they’d find them remarkably easy to generate on demand. Even more importantly, due to the simplicity of working with pure plasma systems, a researcher could perform a dozen different tests in the same time it would take to process and test a single batch of traditional LENR fuel (such as specially sized, degassed, hydrogenated, and spillover catalyst coated nickel powder). Moreover, the variability between experiments would be reduced as well: making hydrogen or deuterium absorb into bulk or even powdered materials is a ridiculously tricky process. In a pure plasma based system, you’re avoiding all that and simply producing a macro-scale self organizing plasma that can be generated in the exact same manner again and again.

The importance of the self organizing plasma phenomena cannot be understated. We now have a direct path towards building devices that can rival even the most optimistic dreams of cold fusion researchers in regards to classical electrolytic or gas loading systems. But what are we going to do with this knowledge? Obviously, some parties are moving forward, including The SAFIRE Project, Andrea Rossi, and Brilliant Light Power. But we need more players to emerge. Eventually, if the global economy doesn’t completely collapse, I expect more will arrive eventually. The sooner they can start performing experiments and openly posting their results the better. What’s important now is to accelerate the global acceptance of the potential of self organizing plasmas. This phenomena can allow for energy producing devices that dwarf the significance of even the most efficient, low cost solar panels. So the world must be awakened to the fact they are every bit as real as photovoltaic devices. Once this happens, the race will be on and humanity will be on a path that will transition our civilization to the next level in which we become something better. Let’s make this happen sooner rather than later.