Rossi Shielding E-Cat for Possible ‘Strange Radiation’

What has been termed ‘Strange Radiaton’ is a phenomenon has been reportedly detected by some LENR researchers, such as Alexander Parkhomov (for example, see here) in some experimental setups.

For quite some time, Andrea Rossi has stated that he did not think ‘strange radiation’ was a verified phenomenon because he said it could not be detected by any radation detecting instruments. Today, however, he has posted a comment on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, in response to this question:

“I noticed that on the Ecat SK have been put a gieger to detect ionizing radiations and bubble columns to detect neutrons and we know you never found traces of ionizing radiations and of neutrons emitted from the Ecat. What about the strange radiations described by Dr Parkhomov ?”

Rossi replied:

Andrea Rossi
May 26, 2020 at 2:41 AM
Usha Ells:
I respect the R&D of Dr Parkhomov. For safety reasons we are assuming that SR exist and we have adopted the 10 microns thick aluminum foil to make them disappear, confirmed or not as their reality might be with the replications on course. Just to avoid any risks. Anyway, we will never reach the amperage necessary for their formation from the plasma.
Warm Regards,

Why Rossi thinks that their amperage is too low for the formation of strange radiation, he does not say.