Rossi Preparing ‘Exponentially Superior’ E-Cat SKL For Tests

Andrea Rossi has stated that he has been working on developing a higher density version of the E-Cat SKL, and from the following Q&A, it seems that it is not far away from being put into action:

July 23, 2020 at 7:03 AM
Dr Rossi,
Can you make a comparision between the complexity of the Ecat SKL first module and the new one you are making with a much higher power density ?

Andrea Rossi
July 23, 2020 at 8:10 AM
The new Ecat SKL has a much more complex structure, albeit it has the same dimensions. I’d say that the last one has a technology exponentially superior.
We are still mounting it and it should be ready for the first tests within the end of this week.
Warm Regards,

We don’t know what the initial power output of the the SKL version 1 is, so it makes it hard to guess what the new one will be. Rossi has stated interest in having an SKL powerful enough to be used in electric vehicles, so perhaps he is trying to reach levels similar to those of the current EV batteries on the market.

He continues to talk about a public presentation, and recently stated that he expects it to be this year, but only when Covid-19 problems are improved. So we are still in the dark about many things surrounding the E-Cat SKL, and may be for some time to come.