Comments on the ‘Rossi Effect’ (Eric Ashworth)

The following post has been submitted by Eric Ashworth.

July 26, 2020 at 2:46 AM
Dear Andrea,
in your paper
you cite: “In paragraph ‘Nuclear Reactions in Distant Collisions’, E.P. Wigner hilights their importance in nuclear transfer reactions: ‘The fact that nuclear reactionsof the type 197Au+14N -> 198Au+113N take place at energies at which colliding nuclei do not come in contact is an interesting though little -advertised discovery”: can you explain where is the link of this discovery with the theoretical bases of the Ecat SK operation ?

The question by Anonymous refers to colliding nuclei. From my own understanding and that provided by Andrea Rossi there are no collisions between nuclei. Andrea says the distance involved in the interactions is between the atomic and nuclear scale, in other words it involves a reaction totally unfamiliar with present day academic understanding i.e. entailing a major problem in the understanding of LENRs.

The Compton wavelength is not a fixed wavelength but variable with regards the value of the gravity that produces the wave. The content of the energy of the wave is dependent upon the magnetic force. What magnetic force?. The magnetic force of a Casimir which is an effect produced between two integrating gravity values i.e. a manufactured gravity value either artificial or as that in nature. These gravity values can be referred to as either exotic vacuum objects (EVOs) or virtual particles (VPs) or that of a ballerina. Whichever is preferred all contain a specific gravity value with a magnetic force of attraction dependent upon the magnitude of their zero point of gravity/energy.

An EVO is basically a gravitational transformer with a magnetic attractive force that gravitates hydrogen within and because of magnetic law courses ejection out at a Compton wavelength pertaining to the magnitude of its zero point gravity i.e. the further in, the further out due to a transition of its energy and the greater its velocity the greater its penetration on any surrounding material substance that results in a breakdown of atomic substance into that of active wave energy. It’s a natural process in nature that when artificially produced provides an almost unlimited amount of cheap clean energy. When fully understood as a reaction involving the understanding of gravity and how it transitions energy. The mechanics of the process will be as easy to understand as the workings of a battery and its electrical effects.

Regards Eric Ashworth