Mizuno Posts Experimental Data

Thanks to LION for pointing out that on LENR-Forum, Tadahiko Mizuno has joined in the comments and posted some interesting graphics. The link to the thread is here:


Mizuno writes: “. This is the only data I can publish now, but let’s make a detailed announcement after applying for a patent. The CF phenomenon is absolutely true. It can be controlled very easy. However, the mechanism is still unknown. When the data comes out, an excellent researcher will give an answer. There is still much to study. Let’s do our best. Don’t lose to Corona. Believe in the future and advance.”

His graphics can be seen here: https://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/thread/6017-mizuno-replication-and-materials-only/?postID=141155#post141155

A couple show experimental data, one with an ‘activated reactant’ and one without: