Brilliant Light Power Claims Power Gain of 10+

Thanks to MorganMck for the following post regarding news recently posted on the Brilliant Light Power website:


We are engineering commercial thermal and electrical power sources wherein the SunCell® operates at high-temperature capable of providing 1000°C liquid gallium to a liquid-gallium-to-air heat exchanger to generate high temperature air for thermal loads and also power a Brayton cycle turbine to generate electrical power. We successfully tested an upgraded system to supply a more ideal hydrino reaction mixture that has pushed our gain to over ten times the input power at greater than 250 kW excess power and a corresponding power density of over 5 MW/liter. The results of these trials demonstrate the utility of SunCell® towards the goal of a commercial heater of several hundred kilowatts to service the greater than $8T/y thermal market and enable the integration of the heat exchanger into a Brayton cycle to produce electricity to service the electrical market. More details on commercial engineering of the molten metal heat exchanger, the gas turbine power system and also magnetohydrodynamic power conversion are given in our

Business Overview Presentation PDF.

They also linked a new video of an operating SunCell here:

Its not clear the the reactor in this video is under control and is only shown running for a about 60 seconds..

It appears Mills has put his MHD and CPV approaches to generating SunCell electricity on the back burner (at least for now), opting to pursue the thermal-based SunCell with attached Brayton cycle turbine (40% efficient). Perhaps he is feeling the heat (pun intended) from Rossi’s latest SKL announcement.