Georgia Tech Research Scientist: LENR Research is ‘Serious Scientific Work’

Thanks to Teppo for pointing out a new article posted on the Medium website titled ‘“Cold Fusion” may not be fusion: Low Energy Nuclear Reaction research continues on the fringes’ written by Tim Anderson who is Principal Research Scientist at Georgia Tech (in Atlanta, Georgia, USA).

Anderson takes the phenomenon of LENR seriously and acknowledges that since the early days of Pons and Fleischmann, ‘hundreds’ of experiments have shown the production of excess heat, and ‘dozens’ have produced transmutation of elements and production of tritium.

He pays particular attention to the experiments done at the US Space and Naval Warfare Center (SPAWAR) in which researchers discovered neutron production in a deuterium/palladium electrolysis experiment.

He seems to be convinced that LENR is a field worth exploring, which is quite refreshing to hear from a research scientist at a public institution. His article concludes with this:

“In conclusion, as with the early attempts to achieve powered flight, we must both understand the mechanics and be able to produce a reliable technology to exploit it for the common good. Even then, there is a lot we don’t know. What is clear is that the work being done is serious scientific work, even if it operates on the fringes of acceptable scientific research.”