Rossi Still Hoping for E-Cat SKL Revelations This Year.

We must realize by now that Andrea Rossi will probably never stop trying to improve his E-Cat so long as he is able to work. Following his recent holiday, Rossi announced on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that he had some ideas on how to improve the electrical efficiency of the E-Cat SKL, with the hope that it could produce 95 per cent electricity and 5 percent heat, which is an improvement on the apparent 80/20 percent electricity to heat ratio he had been getting.

The big question that everyone asks is when does he stop doing R&D and move into production mode. I don’t think we have the answer to that question yet. Knowing Rossi, he will want to put the best possible version of the E-Cat into production. Still, he has stated that he hopes that there will be a presentation and further information about the E-Cat yet this year. Here is a Q&A from the JONP from yesterday.

Bill Conley
August 25, 2020 at 3:19 PM

It was wonderful to see the confidence expressed in your response to CC about SKL photos and descriptions being made available later this year. A couple of questions about that:

1) When do you anticipate the SKL information will become available?
a) Before 3rd party tests
b) During 3rd party tests
c) After 3rd party tests
d) At the presentation
e) After the presentation

2) What SKL information do you think we will see:
a) SKL photos (reactor, cooling system, controller)?
b) Videos of SKL in operation (during testing)?
c) High-level schematics (e.g. drawings w/ dimensions, etc. not to include IP data)?
d) Specifications (including electrical specs and thermal output)?
e) Test results?

Thanks as always for your answers. This is getting exciting.


Rossi’s response:

Andrea Rossi
August 25, 2020 at 4:46 PM
Bill Conley:
1- I hope within this year
2- a,b,d,e
Warm Regards,

The only item that Rossi isn’t likely to release are detailed schematics of his device, which is not too surprising, knowing his protective nature concerning IP.