Rossi Confirms Third Party Testing of E-Cat SKL in September

This could potentially be the one of the most important developments in the E-Cat story to date: Andrea Rossi has confirmed an a response to a question from Bill Conley that third party testing will be taking place in September.

Bill Conley
August 28, 2020 at 10:53 AM
Hope things continue to go well with SKL R&D and preparations for 3rd Party tests and subsequent presentation.

A few questions to update eCat status if you would be so kind:
1) Are the SKL-95 initial test results holding up in your current testing?
2) Are you now attempting to push beyond 95% electric output?
3) Will the reduction in thermal output of the SKL-95 allow a reduced size & complexity of the SKL cooling system?
4) Will the SKL-95 be the eCat provided for 3rd party testing?
5) Are the 3rd Party test plans still on track for September?

As always thanks for your openness and your great work.


Andrea Rossi
August 28, 2020 at 12:43 PM
Bill Conley:
1- What is the SKL 95 ?
2- yes
3- see 1; if “SKL 95” means the SKL with 95% of electricity, the answers are yes to question 1 and 3
4- confidential
5- yes
Thank you for your sustain,
Warm Regards,

I had previously asked the same question, but Rossi was non-committal sayin that it did not depend on him, but it now appears that third party testing has been arranged and scheduled. This is important for the fact that many people don’t believe Rossi when he says he has done something, and Rossi has been famously secretive about his work, keeping his dealings with collaborators under strict NDAs, and rarely releasing evidence to support his amazing claims.

So letting a third party come and test the E-Cat SKL will be an important step for verifying Rossi’s claims, providing they eventually release their claims publicly.

I think we need to remember that Rossi has not said how long the third party testing will take, so I think we will probably not see any report during September. Hopefully we might learn about some of the results this year, though.