Upcoming Interview with Dottore Andrea Rossi

Last year E-Cat World member Greg Daigle gave a presentation at Minnebar 14: Minnesota’s Great Tech Get-Together on “LENR: A Primer”.

This year in early October, over six days, a virtual version of the Minnebar15 conference will be convened and Greg has signed up to host an interview between Frank Acland and Andrea Rossi.

Because of the number of sessions offered may exceed the number of spots available for the virtual conference, the conference announced today that they are going to ask those attending to vote for 5-10 of their favorite sessions by selecting “Yes! I am interested in attending “ on the session page.

So that the session and interview with Andrea Rossi does not get bumped, we need those interested in attending to sign up here for a free virtual ticket:


Then go to the session “LENR: AN ENERGY PRIMER – FOCUS ON ROSSI’S E-CAT: https://sessions.minnestar.org/sessions/1144 and click the “Yes! I Might Attend.” button.

We have asked for the session to be online at 9am CST on Tuesday, October 13.
The interview will last only 25 minutes, so don’t be late! Hope you can make it!