Rossi: E-Cat to be Certified for Both Industrial and Household Use

There is an interesting Q&A on the Journal of Nuclear Physics today regarding the scope of the certification for the E-Cat SKL testing that Andrea Rossi has said has been scheduled.

Mason asked:

A few days ago, you said that the certification testing has been scheduled. As such, it seems right that the protocols have been agreed to with the certifying agency, otherwise what is the point of scheduling the testing.

Logic says this mean that the purpose and goal of the certification has been defined. If this is so, are you able to share whether the certification is for industrial use, household use, or both?

Andrea Rossi replied:

Andrea Rossi
September 26, 2020 at 6:29 AM
Thank you for your kind wishes,
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In the early days of the E-Cat, Rossi had been focusing only on industrial applications, he said because he believed that the product would pose safety concerns in domestic applications. This was when the E-Cat was designed primarily as a heater.

However the development of the E-Cat SKL seems to have changed all that, since it is now primarily a stand-alone electricity generator. Rossi has stated that there has never been any dangerous radiation been detected from the SKL, so maybe he feels there are not significant safety concerns that would preclude it from being used in homes.