Rossi: Third Party Test Scheduled for this Week with Another ‘Partner’

Andrea Rossi commented on the Journal of Nuclear Physics that this weekend there was no third party testing going on, but that another “important” test would be taking place this week in his lab. I asked him whether this would be the third party test by the certifying agency that he said has been scheduled, but he replied, “No, it is with a Partner.”

It sounds to me like he is inviting the various parties with whom he did Skype demonstrations over the last few months to come in and do hands-on testing. Presumably he and they feel it is safe to do so. One cannot help but wonder how many such visits he will now have, how many potential partners are involved, and which industries they might represent.

There could be wisdom in a multi-pronged strategy from a business perspective. Rossi has stated that he does not plan to do exclusive deals. If he can open up his technology to multiple companies and industries at once, assuming the E-Cat SKL is all he has described it to be, there could be a widespread adoption of the technology all at once, making a somewhat level playing field for all involved. This could lead to a kind of ‘goldrush effect’, with no one wanting to be left out of a potential technological revolution.