Brilliant Light Power Reports on Latest 100-hour SunCell Test

Here is a news bulletin and video from Brilliant Light Power regarding their latest testing of the SunCell.

On September 24th, we started a 100-hour duration field trial of our new 250-kW thermal reactor SunCell® having a molten gallium to water heat transfer system to produce boiling water and steam on a continuous basis. In preparation for deploying SunCells to commercial customers to perform field trials in their facilities, we are testing commercial power levels under commercial operating conditions with start-stop, power control, cooling level, reaction condition, and other tests.

Brilliant Light Power states that the energy for the reaction comes from hydrino production which they state is 200 times more energetic than the burning of hydrogen. This particular test has been performed at BLP’s own premises, but they say they will begin to run these tests at customers’ facilities as they begin to commmercialize the SunCell.