UN Report: Urges Low-Carbon COVID Pandemic Recovery

The United Nations Environment Programme has issued a new report titled Emissions Gap Report 2020: An Inflection Point, which predicts that despite a dip in carbon emissions due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, there is an urgent need for a green recovery due to the threat of dangerous temperature rises.


Here is a summary:

Despite a dip in greenhouse gas emissions from the COVID-19 economic slowdown, the world is still heading for a catastrophic temperature rise above 3°C this century – far beyond the goals of the Paris Agreement. But UNEP’s Emissions Gap points to hope in a green pandemic recovery and growing commitments to net-zero emissions.

It would seem like the environment is ripe for adoption of new energy technologies that produce no carbon emissions. Solar, wind, and nuclear are the choices that seem to be most in favor these days, but each has its drawbacks when it comes trying to solve the energy problem quickly. Andrea Rossi is surely aware that there is a need that he can fill with the E-Cat SKL, once he is able to introduce it.