Brilliant Light Power Publishes Calorimetry Report Showing Significant Power Gain in SunCell Runs

There is a new report on the Brilliant Light Power  website titled “Water Bath Calorimetry (120420): Report “. The report was written by Mark Nansteel, Ph.D. who is described as a heat transfer expert.

The 22 page report describes two water bath calorimetry tests done on December 4th at BLP headquarters in New Jersey.

The link to the document is here:

Microsoft Word – Report on Water Bath Calorimetry (120420).docx (

Dr. Nansteel has written a very thorough report on how the testing was done, and how results were measured. The main conclusions are presented in this graphic, which shows the energy gain in the experiment, and compares it to similar tests carried out in November — showing a significant improvement:

On the Brilliant Light Power website they state that they limited run time to get accurate calorimetry, but that the SunCell is capable of running indefinitely. They also write:

Moreover, with a Brayton cycle turbine addition, the SunCell® gain is sufficient to serve as a stand-alone power source of at least 100 kW thermal with no grid or fuel connection and no CO2 or pollution of any kind.  Over 250 kW and 10-fold gain have been achieved with this design by changing the operational parameters.  We are developing control systems to run at these extreme power density levels without occurring limitations of the cooling system that could lead to damage to the SunCell.