Idea for Demonstrating EVOs (Axil Axil)

The following post has been submitted by Axil Axil.

There may be a path for the amateur EVO experimenter who is able to generate EVOs to gain recognition and funding from the professional scientific community by demonstrating that EVOs can produce a long range weak force that can be unequivocally demonstrated and verified through spectroscopy.

I want to present a framework for discussion that can serve as a proof of principle and a jumping off point for the EVO experimental community to make suggestions based on the character of each reactor’s type and how that reactor can utilize the experimental framework to advance their particular interests.

The first part of the framework is a description of the gas ampoules that provide the matter that will be transmuted by the EVOs.

These ampoules can be purchased or manufactured by the experimenter. The ampoule provides a base of matter that is completely sealed and resistant to any suggestion of contamination. Contamination is always used to discredit any transmutation results produced by EVOs in the evaluation of transmutation experimentation. The ampoule is completely sealed so that its elemental contents cannot be changed in any way except through transmutation.

The elemental contents of the ampoule is examined spectrally through the application of a high voltage spark source.

This video shows the ampoule excitation process as follows:

Demonstration 8 gases in ampoules – He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, H2, N2, O2

These ampoules cost about $50 each.

You can make your own ampoule tubes as follows:

Hydrogen or oxygen gas can be manufactured using electrolysis.

Isotopically pure gas can be had from manufactures on the web such as Xe-124 or Xe-136.

These pure isotopes can be used to prove that the EVO is dark matter.

The goal of this research is to get funding so the format of the experimental results is important.

The end product of this research is a paper with spectra shown.

This spectrometer makes element analysis easy.

RSpec Explorer – Digitally capture an individual spectrum. Cost about $350.

The experiment goes as follows:

Take a spectrum of the ampule as an initial reference point.

Expose the ampule to your reactor for a time.

Take another spectrum of the experimental ampule and observe a change in the spectral lines and/or spectral line intensity. This change proves that transmutation has occurred.

The weak force will penetrate glass as proved in many exploding titanium foil LENR experiments

Cost $50

Determine the transmutations via spectroscopy. if the spectral Lines of tellurium-124 and/or Ba136 appear then transmutation is proved.


Any transmutation of a long lived isotope of xenon such as Ba136 will prove transmutation.

Ba136 is a transmutation of a unique long lived xenon isotope(10^21 y): xenon-136.

This experimental data is documented in a paper along with the explanation of the theory behind the data.

Submit your paper to the preprint site for peer review.

Wait for your funding to begin.

If you show Xe-124 or Xe-136 transmutation, then you will have shown that the EVO is dark matter and you will get the Nobel prize.