ICCF-23 Online Conference, June 9-11, 2021

Thanks to Teppo for reminding us that 23rd International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF-23) starts tomorrow, June 9th, 2021 and continues until June 11th

It is an online conference this year, originating from Xiamen University in Xiamen China, hosted by Innovation Laboratory for Sciences and Technologies of Energy Materials of Fujian Province (IKKEM), and the State Key Laboratory of Physical Chemistry of Solid Surfaces.

Registration is free.

List of speakers is below: http://ikkem.com/iccf23_Speakers.php

Presentation ID Title Theme Abstract /Presentation Presenter
ICCF23-PL-01 A perspective from the Google group Material Studies To be continued Matthew D. Trevithick
ICCF23-PL-02 Ternary hydrides Material Studies Abstract Ping Chen
ICCF23-PL-03 Progress in Energy Generation Research using Nano-Metal with Hydrogen/Deuterium Gas Heat Production Abstract Yasuhiro Iwamura
ICCF23-PL-04 Progress in Nano-Metal Hydrogen Energy Heat Production Abstract Akito Takahashi
ICCF23-PL-05 Conventional Fusion in an Unconventional Place Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract Lawrence P. Forsley
ICCF23-PL-06 Some Novel Analytical Techniques Applied to LENR Active Materials Material Studies Abstract Francis Tanzella
ICCF23-PL-07 Huge Variety of Nuclides that Arise in the LENR Processes. Attempt at Explanation Transmutations Abstract Alex G. Parkhomov
ICCF23-PL-08 Recent progress on phonon-nuclear theoretical models Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract Peter L. Hagelstein
ICCF23-PL-09 The Nature of the D+D Fusion Reaction in Palladium and Nickel Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract Edmund Storms
ICCF23-PL-10 Experimental setup for studying Rydberg matter of Hydrogen Theoretical and Computational Studies To be continued Sveinn Ólafsson

Invited Presentation:


Presentation ID Title Theme Abstract /Presentation Presenter
ICCF23-I-01 Progress towards replication; revisited Approaches to Replication Abstract Michael McKubre
ICCF23-I-02 A Lattice Energy Converter Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract Frank Gordon
ICCF23-I-03 Direct measurement confirming Generation of Excess Heat Heat Production Abstract Prahlada Ramarao
ICCF23-I-04 Ultr-high Density Cluster Enabled LENR Heat Production Abstract George Miley
ICCF23-I-05 Clean Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Systems(CleanHME) Approaches to Replication Abstract Konrad Czerski
ICCF23-I-06 Plasmonic Condensed Matter Nuclear Fusion Material Studies Abstract Katsuaki Tanabe
ICCF23-I-07 Laser induced transmutation in palladium thin films in hydrogen atmosphere Transmutations Abstract Jean-Paul Biberian
ICCF23-I-08 Electrodeposition of Hydrogen Adatoms on Graphene Electrochemical Experiments Abstract Dong-Ping Zhan
ICCF23-I-09 Hydrogen isotope separation through two-dimensional crystals Material Studies Abstract Sheng Hu
ICCF23-I-10 Input Stimuli and Output Signals in LENR Experiments Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract David Nagel
ICCF23-I-11 Review of Cavitation Induced Effects Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract Roger S. Stringham
ICCF23-I-12 Early Excess Power Using NRL Pd-B Cathodes Heat Production Abstract Melvin H. Miles
ICCF23-I-13 Excess heats in a Pd(Pt)-LiOD+D2O reflux open-electrolytic cell Electrochemical Experiments Abstract Wu-Shou Zhang
ICCF23-I-14 Electromagnetic excitation of coaxially-coiled Constantan wires by high-power, high-voltage, microsecond pulses Material Studies Abstract Francesco Celani
ICCF23-I-15 Decay-Instability of Transmutated Chemical Elements Obtained in LENR Experiment Transmutations Abstract Anatoly Klimov
ICCF23-I-16 CF/LANR Excess Heat Activates Shape Memory Alloys Heat Production Abstract Mitchell R. Swartz
ICCF23-I-17 Radiant calorimetry of excess heat production in NiCu multilayer foil with hydrogen gas Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract Jirohta Kasagi
ICCF23-I-18 The Electromagnetic Considerations of the Nuclear Force, Part II: The Determination the Lowest Energy Configurations for Nuclei Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract N. L. Bowen
ICCF23-I-19 A role for relativity in Cold Fusion Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract Andrew Meulenberg
ICCF23-I-20 Abnormal enhancement of nuclear reaction in extreme environments studied by ion beam experiments Beam Experiments To be continued Tie-Shan Wang
ICCF23-I-21 Can the collective emission of the excited surface phonon trigger low-energy nuclear reactions? Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract Song-Yuan Ding
ICCF23-I-22 Excess Energy from Heat-Exchange Systems Transmutations Abstract Bin-Juine Huang

Oral Presentation:


Presentation ID Title Theme Abstract /Presentation Presenter
ICCF23-O-01 Long Term Anomalous Heat from 9 nm Pd Nanoparticles in an Electrochemical Cell Heat Production Abstract Graham Hubler
ICCF23-O-02 Temperature and pressure dependence of anomalous heat generation occurring in hydrogen gas absorption by metal powder Hot Gas Experiments Abstract Tomotaka Kobayashi
ICCF23-O-03 Progress of Reproducing the Mizuno’s Experiment in QiuRan Lab Heat Production Abstract Hang Zhang
ICCF23-O-04 The Nature of the Atom – An Introduction to the Structured Atom Model Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract Johannes Kaal
ICCF23-O-05 Nuclear transmutations are better facilitated by alloys over pure metal cathodes in electrolysis. Electrochemical Experiments Abstract Ankit Kumar
ICCF23-O-06 Artificial radioactivity in the nonequlibrium plasma of the glow discharge in Pd-D and Ni-H from the point of view of nuclear-chemical reactions Transmutations Abstract Irina Savvatimova
ICCF23-O-07 Where and How LENR Occur Approaches to Replication Abstract David Nagel
ICCF23-O-08 Phonon Assisted Fusion Theoretical and Computational Studies Abstract S Dana Seccombe
ICCF23-O-09 Correlated quantum states in LENR: first exciting results from an experimental test Beam Experiments Abstract Sergio Bartalucci
ICCF23-O-10 LENR Solution of the Cosmological Lithium Problem Transmutations Abstract Vladimir Vysotskii
ICCF23-O-11 Abnormal absorption of hydrogen in nickel at ambient temperature with associated emission of neutrons Radiation and Other Measurements Abstract Ubaldo Mastromatteo
ICCF23-O-12 Atomic Nuclei Binding Energy Similarities between Binding Energy Values of Chemical Elements : Example of Nickel and Copper Modeling and Simulation Abstract Philippe Hatt
ICCF23-O-13 Error Analysis in D(H)/Pd Gas-loading System Heat Production Abstract Xing-Ye Wang
ICCF23-O-14 Spectro-electrochemical characterization of ultra-thin film of Pd-H/D single-crystal electrode and Au@Pd nanoparticles Material Studies Abstract Zhong-Qun Tian