Poll: How Many E-Cat SKLeds Have You Pre-Ordered?

Richard Hill had posted a comment suggesting we ask the E-Cat World readership to indicate how many E-Cat SKLed pre-orders have been placed so far. Remember, the SKLed is the E-Cat light that will be presented on November 25th. Andrea Rossi has stated that only after 1 million pre-orders have been placed will he go into production.

I think it is an interesting question, but I know there are many readers who do not comment in the Disqus comments, so I decided to create a poll which I think will get more people to respond to the question.

So here is the poll. I think we all realize that this will likely not be an accurate representation of all the pre-orders placed, but maybe it could give a little bit of a barometer of what readers here at E-Cat World are doing in terms of pre-ordering.

If you have preordered an E-Cat SKLed, how many have you ordered?

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