‘Important Decision’ Rests Upon a ‘Crucial’ E-Cat SKL Test on Thursday, August 5th

Late on Wednesday, August 4th, Andrea Rossi made this interesting post on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the work he has been doing on the E-Cat SKL electricity generator:

Andrea Rossi
August 4, 2021 at 11:51 AM
Mark U:
De Grasse made a great job !
Also the Ecat SKL did a great job today. Tomorrow we will make a crucial test, after which some important decision will be made.
Yesterday we were close, today we are very close, tomorrow has to be seen. As the gitan violinist of the masterpiece movie “The Concert” of Radu Mihaileanu says: ” …now it is evening, and the sun is not rising, but tomorrow will be morning and the sun will rise”
Warm Regards,
Thank you for your sustain to Italian athletes

“Tomorrow”, would refer to Thursday, August 5th. I wonder if the ‘important decision’ will be connected with whether to prepare a SKL product to show at the November presentation in Sweden. I think that Rossi will let us know as much as he can, as soon as he can. He is obviously very excited about the prospect of having a reliable SKL generating electricy, which seems to be his ultimate commercial goal.