Rolls-Royce Testing “Hybrid-electric Aero Power and Propulsion System”

The following post has been submitted by Greg Leonard.

I have long thought Rolls-Royce was a partner with Rossi – dating back to when Rossi said a ‘partner’ put together a jet engine to test a heat e-cat.

This looks like Rossi Ecat to me, turning up in an article about a new Rolls-Royce 2.5-MW generator.

The article was dated July 29, and stated

‘The generator recently completed development testing in Trondheim, Norway, before being shipped to Bristol, where testing has been carried out on the engine, controls, and the thermal management system on Testbed 108.’

Rossi has been spending almost all his time in Europe since Dec 2019. Sweden had been mentioned, and is where the Nov 25 presentation (of the SKLed light) is expected to take place; Norway is quite close (relatively)!

A big test of the SKL (Rossi electric generator) took place on Aug 5 which Rossi says was ‘perfect’

I was already inclined to believe the RR generator was a Rossi device (standard Ecat). With the coincidence in the timing of the Rossi test and the RR test in Bristol, I am now thinking that the RR generator could well be the SKL. All will be revealed in November!!