Request for Help With Ecat SKLed Messaging

I have received a request a member of Andrea Rossi’s team to get help from the readers of E-Cat World with translation of a key message that will be used in connection with the Ecat SKLed lamp.

The aim is to send out a message about it in as many languages as possible, and in order for correct translations, anyone who has a mother tongue other than English is invited to contribute.

The main message in English is:

“Light up a sustainable world”

When translating into other languages, alterations such as “A light for a sustainable world” may sometimes be preferable, depending on the language.

If you want to contribute, please comment below, or send an email to [email protected]

Note: When translating into languages with non-latin letters, please make sure to indicate how the phrase can be broken up into two or possibly three lines in a correct way, since this is how the phrase will be used graphically.