E-Cat SKL to be Submitted for Long-term Certification Process

Andrea Rossi has announced his intention to present the E-Cat SKLed lamp and also a prototype of the SKL electricity generator at the November 25 demonstration in Stockholm. He has made it clear, however, that only the SKLed lamp will be presented as a completed product.

He has made some comments recently stating that before the SKL will be available as a commercial product, it will be necessary to submit it for certification testing, as he has done with the SKLed. This process apparently could take about one year to complete, in which case it will be 2022 at the earliest that we can expect to have the SKL to be available.

Someone asked Rossi on the JONP whether he thought the certification time for the SKLed could help shorten the certification period for the SKL.

Rossi’s reply was: “This does not depend on us. I hope so, though”.

Rossi has also stated that the certification process for the SKL will start before the November presentation.

My guess is that if a recognized certification agency is following the established process for a product such as the SKL, they will be careful not to cut corners. While the SKLed and the SKL may share similar technologies, they are different products and will be treated as such.

I think it is Rossi’s best interest to have the SKL go through a rigorous certification process. If there are problems with long-term operation, he will certainly want them to be discovered and corrected before the product is made publicly available. A thorough certification process will also provide confidence to that the SKL is not a fake, which I think is what many people will be thinking, giving the almost miraculous thing that it is claimed to do.