Rossi: “Professor Garret Moddel has a Strong Merit”

There have been some questions posted to Andrea Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding Garret Moddel’s video and paper about extracting zero-point energy from devices using the Casimir effect. Rossi seems to have paid attention to Moddel’s work, and seems quite intrigued and impressed.

Here is  a Q&A from the JONP today:

September 6, 2021 at 6:32 AM
Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
Hasn’t the video of Prof Garret Moddel been inspired by your paper
It seems to me that the start with the Casimir Effect and the basics of the “Zero Point Energy” remember quite strongly your paper.

Probably it has, a coincidence is quite unlikely, but its importance is the support of a mainstream scientist to the zero point energy as a source of energy for which the second principle of thermodynamics is not applicable.
Prof Garret Moddel has a strong merit,
Warm Regards,

The case for the reality of zero-point energy as practical energy source is a hard one to make, because as noted by Moddel, there is total resistance in science that the second law of thermodynamics (that entropy in a closed system is always increasing, i.e. new energy cannot be generated from it) can be violated.

I think the only way to overcome this unbelief is to show in no uncertain terms that anomalous energy is generated from device. Both Rossi and Moddel claim that their inventions can do this, and claim ZPE as the source. Rossi’s presentation in December, if clear and convincing, will perhaps be the best opportunity to start to chip away at the resistance to ZPE, and it could help Garret Moddel in his effort to secure the funding he seeks to develop his technology, something he says he has found quite difficult so far.