The Lattice Energy Converter Effect — Presentation by Alan Smith

Thanks to Alan Smith for posting today a comment and link to the presentation he made at the 14th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals held in Assisi, Italy recently.

He wrote:

“I am hoping to get back to the lab (when I have caught up with the paperwork) and contunue my work on the LEC. As @Stevenson says it is an important and fascinating technology, that has the added benefit of being accessible. Here’s a presentation I made at the Assisi LENR conference a couple of weeks back which also mentions the work of other replicators.”

Here is a summary of what the LEC is from one of Alan’s slides:

WTF is a LEC?

•LEC Stands for ‘Lattice Energy Converter’ -discovered and developed by Frank Gordon and Harper Whitehouse.

•It produces DC electrical output from co-deposited metals/hydrogen using simple and flexible geometries.

•While output so far is several orders of magnitude below ‘commercially interesting’ this could be improved.

•Potentially a ‘lab rat’, LEC reactors can use cheap materials and do not require sophisticated or costly lab facilities.