News Roundup: Energy Prices Spike as Winter Approaches

News reports across the energy sector in recent days tells a story of a set of circumstances that is increasing the price of energy in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, as winter is approaching in the northern hemisphere.

Here are a few of stories that are making headlines along with links to articles.

There has been a slowdown in wind speeds in northern Europe that has affected the energy markets:

Shortages of natural gas have caused price rises, which is affecting heating and electricity costs:

Energy bills in Europe are expected to rise by 20 per cent this winter:

EU climate chief Timmermans urges Europeans to accelerate move to renewables to avoid reliance on conventional fuel price fluctuations

Drought in northern Europe has reduced the amount of hydropower generated and exported throughout Europe:

One might hope that these circumstances would lead to an increased amount of interest in the December presentation of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, a technology which, if it operates as Rossi claims, could potentially add a less expensive alternative to the energy mix without contributing emissions.