Swedish Company Exeger Wins European Inventor Award for Flexible Dye-sensitised Solar Cell

Thanks to ECW Reader Layman for the following comment.

A new Swedish company, Exeger, wins the European inventor award 2021. Their solar cell innovation transforms any form of light into electrical power.


Powerfoyle, the new unique and customizable solar cell, a patented material, has been brought to market after more than a decade of scientific research and industry development.

They already deliver their products to a number of head phone manufacturers like JBL, Adidas and Urbanista to power noise cancelling head phones. And furthermore to POC, a bicycle helmet company, and their self-powered helmet with an integrated and automatic rear light.

And there’s more to come soon.

I haven’t seen any technical data yet but Powerfoyle might allow a higher output at 5000K than normal solar cells which perhaps can reduce the risk of mismatch between the SKLed and this solar cell