MIT Video: ‘The Quest for Commercial Fusion’

We reported in a previous post that MIT had announced a major breakthrough in their quest to achieve practical fusion power by using a new superconducting material to create much smaller magnets to confine plasma in which fusion reactions occur.

A new video has been released in which MIT members discuss why they feel that this fusion project is so important. They believe that renewables have their limits, and that fusion has an important role to play in the effort to decarbonize energy production.

One of the researchers states that fusion is an important energy source to master because “fusion energy is effectively the universe’s choice for how it generates energy . . . the power of the universe in our hands.”

The video also shows some of the labs in which the researchers are working and physicists explain some of the details about the recent advances they have been making. They believe that the progress will bring commercial fusion to the world faster than was previously thought possible.