Another Zero Point Energy Generator Claim: “How to Build a Dirac Current Positron Generator” (Douglass A White)

Thanks to Ernest Dallafior for posting this comment and link:

To those who are looking for a different approach to over unity producers, I would suggest investigating a paper entitled “How to Build a Dirac Current Positron Generator” authored by Douglass A White in Aug 2003.
It can be found at:

The author claims that the device can produce excess energy by extraction from the vacuum when the generated positrons interact with the EVOs in the vacuum. He also presents a rather complete theory as to how this is occurring.

In connection with this link, I thought it was quite interesting that when Andrea Rossi was asked recently which was the most relevant of all the references in his paper “E-Cat SK and Long Range Particle Interactions” and he stated that it was reference 17 which is the 1933 Nobel lecture by Paul A. M. Dirac titled “Theory of Electrons and Positrons”: