New Mats Lewan Post Anticipates Presentation of E-Cat Products in December

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for pointing out a new post by Mats Lewan on his website, “An Impossible Invention”. It’s the first time Mats has posted there for two years, so it is interesting to see his continued interest in the E-Cat.

In the blog post he gives readers an update on the evolution of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, and how it appears that he is moving from a long period of R&D to the introduction of products. Mats also notes the significant change in Rossi’s theoretical understanding of the technology he is working with:

In January 2019, Rossi also published a new paper—E-Cat SK and long-range particle interactions—describing his hypothesis for the physics of the core reaction in the Ecat. From this point it was clear that he no longer believed in LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions), with its roots in the concept of “Cold Fusion”, as a model for explaining the characteristics of the reaction and its energy release.

In stead, the new paper reflected a model based on the physics of the electron, and on extracting energy from what is called zero point energy—the large amount of energy that must be present even in empty space as a consequence of quantum mechanics, which is still poorly understood.

In terms of physics, and highly conceptualised, the hypothesis is that using a strong electric pulse in a certain environment, clusters of electrons in coherent phase are formed, which have a very low entropy through the high order of coherence in these states. The energy required to form the clusters is extracted from the zero point energy in the vacuum, and when the clusters decompose, this energy is released to the environment.

Mats writes that the SKLed will be certified by “a major certifying organisation for performance and safety” as a level of proof that the lamp does actually do what Rossi claims.

He thinks that even with such proof, there will be a huge challenge to overcome in terms of credibility because what Rossi is claiming is totally outside the realm of current scientific thinking.