Using the E-Cat SKLed for Space Heating?

Andrea Rossi has stated that the E-Cat SKLed lamp gives off a lot of light, but only a very small amount of heat, and therefore would not be suitable for heating purposes. However, I have heard some people discussing the possibility of converting the light of the SKLed into heat.

Here is an example in a comment that was posted yesterday on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

October 2, 2021 at 5:11 PM
Dear Dr. Rossi,

I think it is very easy to make a heater based on SKLeds when you let them burn in a black box, which is a good black radiator. But even burning SKLeds directly in a room will also efficiently convert all light into heat when the photons will be absorbed by the surrounding… (100% in the end). Can you agree with my simple calculation?

Total consumption of 1 SKLed = 4W (2W heat dissipation + 2W light).
Total heat output of 1 SKLed = 2W heat + 16W light (2W @ COP 8 = 16W) = 18W (finally heat).

So in my reasoning when I would buy 100 SKLeds I could make a simple heater of 1800W, consuming 400W at a purchase cost of $2,500 (100 x $25). The power consumption could be about half when one electronic driver could drive all 100 SKLeds at once.

Does this makes sense?

Rossi’s response was, “to be experimented”.

As we enter the winter months in the northern hemisphere, many people start to think and worry about heating costs, especially now that we see the prices of natural gas hit record levels in many parts of the world. The SKLed is not a heater, but since its power consumption is so small, I can imagine that some will be tempted to try hacks to generate heat from them.

I did ask Rossi on the JONP about the possibility of Leonardo producing a heating product that people could use for space heating in their homes. He replied that the E-Cat SK was a heater, and when I responded that it was for industrial purposes he responded:

Andrea Rossi
October 2, 2021 at 6:14 PM
Frank Acland:
You are right, so far the heating Ecats are only industrial, but this situation is temporary.
Warm Regards,