Energy Transition Crisis Presents Big E-Cat Opportunity

With record prices for natural gas and electricity, the world is currently reeling from “first major energy crisis of the clean-power transition” according to an article posted on the World Oil website (originally from Bloomberg). The authors go on to say:

“But the planet has faced volatile energy markets and supply squeezes for decades. What’s different now is that the richest economies are also undergoing one of the most ambitious overhauls of their power systems since the dawn of the electric age — with no easy way to store the energy generated from renewable sources.”

I believe there is a great opportunity for Andrea Rossi here. With E-Cat technology, he has something that everyone needs, and it could change the whole complexion of the troubled transition period that we are currently entering into.

The greater the pain, the more welcome the relief. When energy is cheap and plentiful, there may not be the interest or motivation to look to a new source of energy, but it’s kind of like the world’s reaction when vaccines became available for COVID-19, a lifeline appeared and the nations of the world grabbed it with both hands and has not let go yet.

If Andrea Rossi makes a strong entry onto the world stage this December, those who are floundering because of the energy crisis, could see his E-Cat technology as a similar lifeline. Of course it will take time and money to start incorporating E-Cats into the global energy mix, but I believe the motivation to do so will be enhanced by the crisis conditions, so it could be an auspicious moment for Rossi and his E-Cats.

Andrea Rossi is currently an obscure figure whose claims have largely been dismissed, ridiculed, or ignored because of his outlandish claims and lack of openness about them. In some ways I think he prefers it that way; he has always said he likes to work in peace. But if he can show convincingly that his E-Cats do what he says they do, life could change quite drastically for him, and we could be entering into an energy transition of a much different kind that is currently generally anticipated.