“The Most Energy Efficient Room Heater Ever Made” (Calle H.)

Thanks to Calle H for submitting the following in a comment in the Always Open thread. I thought it could be interesting to have it in its own thread.

“The most energy efficient room heater ever made”

For those who it may interest. A room heater comprising of a 1/4 circular enclosure installed in a corner of a room has twelve E-Cat SKLed lamps arranged in such a way that the lamp photons illuminates the back side of a heat collector made of an Al-sheet. The enclosure extends from floor to roof where the warmed heat collector result in a convective circulation of the room air.

The room heater is typically fit for a 10-30 m2 room in a Scandinavian private house. The heater is turned on in October and turned off in April, providing the room with the base winter season heat. The energy source, SKLed lamp Fig. 1, consumes 4 W so that the overall energy consumption is 12 x 4 = 48 W which is less than a conventional 60 W incandescent light bulb. Heat is produced by the lamp’s photons striking a black painted surface on the heat collector back side resulting in 12 x 32 = 384 W heat assuming that the lamp COP is 8. See Fig. 2a and 2b for illustration of the installation. During the 7 month heating period 245 kWh power is consumed while providing 1960 kWh of heat. This beats conventional heat pumps which typically perform at COP 4.
Details are shown in the footprint illustration, Fig. 3