The Magnetic Singularity in the EVO (Axil Axil)

The following post was posted by Axil Axil in a comment.

This post explores implications that involves the existence of the magnetic singularity that appears in the EVO as described in Bob Greenyer’s lecture on the Skyrmion formation of the EVO. My post will attempt to explain the theory behind how an EVO can remediate nuclear waste.

One implication is the existence of a magnetic monopole as an implication of the magnetic singularity generated by the Skyrmion. I contend that this singularity is the magnetic monopole that science has been looking for over a hundred years.

First I contend that the particle that forms the EVO is a electron that has been reformed by removing it mass and charge to just leave its spin. This changeless and massless quasiparticle is called a polariton. I further contend that this particle is the Dirac magnetic charge. The polariton is the quantum of magnetic charge.

Background on the Magnetic_monopole

When the polariton boson forms a condensate, that condensate forms a magnetic singularity as explained by Bob. This singularity is the long sort after magnetic monopole that has been missing from EMF theory. The EVO is a topologic defect in the Higgs field. The existence of the magnetic monopole implies the operation of a grand unification of forces theory that provides a field theory for the long range operation of the weak force. It is this strengthening of the weak force that is the actor that remediates nuclear waste at long ranges.

For an explanation of the above, see starting at 8:40 in the video below.

In terms used in science and also by the video, the EVO is a topological defect in the Higgs field called a hedgehog. this particle is a supermassive particle that is a monopole.

The demonstration of a Grand Unified Theory of forces will turn out to be a unprecedented revolution in science.

Bob has just introduced us to an emerging research area in science involving monopoles and hedgehogs as follows:

Critical phenomena of emergent magnetic monopoles in a chiral magnet | Nature Communications

Topological spin orders in real space can be transcribed into the electronic state via the gauge field, that is, the emergent magnetic field4. A real-space geometric arrangement of spins affects charge transport by exerting an additional quantum phase on the itinerant electrons, called Berry phase5, which acts as the effective magnetic field. Among topological spin orders, hedgehogs and antihedgehogs play the roles of sources or sinks of emergent field, that is, emergent monopoles or antimonopoles6,7. These hedgehog spin structures have been indeed realized as topological defects such as Bloch points8,9,10,11 and singular points where magnetic skyrmions coalesce with or split from one another12. However, topological transitions associated with creation and annihilation of these hedgehogs are random events in terms of time and space; observation and identification of the consequent critical phenomena in the presence of emergent monopoles remain unexplored because of difficulty in controlling their behaviors.

What we have done, the experimenters among us, have generated and controlled these shyrmions (aka EVOs) and confirmed and demonstated some of the predictions that science has made about their behavior.

Why Magnetic Monopoles SHOULD Exist – YouTube