Nuclear Fusion in the News

As we approach the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, Scotland, there seems to be renewed media interest in nuclear fusion as a possible energy source that could be used to reach the decarbonization goals that the world is striving towards.

Here are some example articles:

New York Times: Nuclear Fusion Edges towards the Mainstream

New Yorker: “Can Nuclear Fusion put the Brakes on Climate Change”?

Gizmodo: “The Marathon Race Toward Fusion Power Could Be Reaching a Sprint”

Yahoo News: “5 questions for Arthur Turrell on fusion energy”

The Economist: “The Race to Build a Commercial Fusion Rector Hots Up”

Media articles on nuclear fusion all tend to focus on similar aspects of the field: It is a “star in a bottle” with the potential to provide unlimited clean energy for the planet; there are major technical challenges that need to be overcome, but progress is being made; there are various startup companies and government projects working on these challenges; more money is needed to reach the finish line; a demonstration plant is projected to be built in x number of years’ time; after that we might see commercial plants in operation.

It does not seem that the killer breakthrough has been made yet, but there are people working in the field with a lot of hope.

In my mind, everything and more that these teams are working towards has already been achieved by Andrea Rossi with his E-Cat, but that’s another story, and something that there is no media interest in at the moment.