Some E-Cat Presentation Expectations

I have learned some things over the last few days about the December 9th presentation of the E-Cat SKLed and the E-Cat SKL.

Andrea Rossi has made comments on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about what will not be happening, e.g. the presentation will not take place at a customer’s site as first planned, and it doesn’t sound like any business partner will be revealed.

I have learned about some of what is planned; I can’t say very much about it at this point, but I will say I found some aspects of it quite surprising and interesting, and and actually I am quite excited about it. From what I have heard, I expect this to be the best public presentation that Rossi has done to date, in terms of demonstrating the E-Cat. For one thing, a demonstration of electrical circuits and measuring electricity is a lot more straightforward than one where measuring heat (calorimetry) is involved.

I don’t think that the presentation will satisfy everyone, because I have no doubt that whatever is presented, some will say that anything can be done with AI and/or CGI these days. Some will no doubt accuse Rossi, and anyone else involved in the presentation, as being involved in tampering and trickery of one kind or another to show false results.

And we all know Rossi, that he is extremely protective of certain things he considers confidential, and you’re not going to change that. He’s not going to reveal the inner secrets of how the E-Cat works.

One question will be whether the presentation will be generate enough interest to get the commercial ball rolling. He has set a steep challenge to get 1 million pre-orders of the SKLed before he will actually go into production. I don’t know whether the December 9th presentation will be enough to do that. I think it will depend on a lot of things, and I think there will have to be follow-up after this first event. I hope that Rossi and his team will be willing to do further presentations to interested parties who may be intrigued by what is shown, but who want further verification.