It’s coming up to 11 years for me watching and following the E-Cat story, and I haven’t lost interest in it yet. I keep thinking about how unusual it all is. For one, I never expected to be so personally involved in it. I just wanted to see how things developed, and now I find myself in a way that is surprising to me.

Everything about the E-Cat seems very unconventional. Maybe that is not be too surprising given that the E-Cat is such an unconventional invention. I am completely convinced that he has invented one of the most important inventions in history, yet after all these years there is not one E-Cat on public display, or in public use that can be verifies.

The way Rossi goes about business is very unconventional. For example, I don’t know of a single Leonardo Corporation employee. With a few exceptions, everyone who has worked with him has done so anonymously, and under NDA.

His communication strategy is very unconventional. He posts almost every day on his own blog, and responds there to almost any serious question that readers ask him. But he avoids almost every other means of communication, including the news media, and very rarely gives interviews.

Working on the cutting edge of an advanced field of science Rossi does not attend conferences, give presentations, or collaborate with others within the scientific community.

I think Andrea Rossi has developed a technology so unique and important in terms of its usefulness to the planet, that it has the potential to make Leonardo Corporation the most influential company in the world. But it is still unclear to me whether Rossi will see business success. He is not following the conventional route that businesses follow to succeed.

I really hope his unconventional strategy works.