Rossi Expects Pre-Ordering for E-Cat SKL to Start in Early 2022

A Q&A on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday gives us an idea of how Andrea Rossi plans to roll out the E-Cat SKL electricity generator. A reader asked him whether he should advise people in his apartment building to wait on purchasing new gas heating, or whether there might be E-Cat heating available within the next few years.

Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi

Juan Carlos:
It is very difficult for me to answer you, and I want not to expose you to liabilities versus your neighbors. The diffusion of the Ecats depends on the economy scale that we will reach only if we will collect at least orders for one million units, and this is valid either for the Ecat SKLed and the SKL, that very likely will be put for sale at the same conditions of the SKLed in the first quarter of the 2022. This is all I can honestly say.
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So it appears that his plan is to start taking pre-orders for the Ecat SKL generators early next year, just as he is for the SKLed lamps at the moment, and the 1 million pre-order threshold will be the same.

Quite honestly, I think if he can demonstrate that the Ecat SKL works well, it will be a much easier sell than the SKLeds, because it is a much more versatile product, with a myriad of uses beyond just lighting. We don’t know what the price will be, nor how much power it produces, and that will be critical information for people to have before placing pre-orders.

This makes the December 9th presentation all the more interesting to me.